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A comprehensive return to work process and implementation are keys to a successful return to work (RTW) program. An effective program helps organizations reduce medical, wage replacement, and overall insurance costs. It also helps improve productivity, maintain an experienced workforce, improve employee morale, and hastens the healing process for injured employees.

To help our customers create and implement such a program for their organizations, Zurich has developed eZ Transition.  eZ Transition is an online tool that can assist our customers in developing the necessary tools and guidelines for implementing a comprehensive RTW program including pre-injury, injury management, and return to work components.

Zurich customers

If you are a Zurich customer and would like to register to use this tool, please contact your Zurich representative or call us at (800-982-5964
).  Once you have registered, eZ Transition will provide you with a brief overview of this application, and then give you the opportunity to create, customize, and store specific RTW program components, tools and resources for your organization.  If you are already registered for the eZ Transition application, click on register to gain access to your company's return to work profile.

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